The Psychology Of Building A Profitable Presence Online

Stop investing in fancy website designs that don’t increase revenue. Let’s create a high-performance sales tool to support your brand, increase your cred, and convert casual visitors into successful business relationships.

Is Your Website Actually Helping You Close Big Deals Online?

In today’s world, attention is an increasingly scarce commodity. From mainstream consumers to potential high-end clients, your prospects are more distracted and ad-resistant than ever before.

  • Have you ever spent $10K – $20K on a website build without even seeing a return?
  • Are your visitors clicking the back button because your page load times gets bogged down by over-technical features you don’t really need?
  • Even the most qualified traffic failing to result in increased subscriptions, phone calls, booked appointments, and sales?
  • Do you waste time filtering out prospects who aren’t a fit for what you do (because your content writer skipped the real homework on your company)?
  • Is awkward, bland, or unprofessional messaging on your webpage turning off potential customers while destroying your brand?

It’s no longer enough to slap up a slick, overpriced online brochure for your business. You need…

Yes, there’s a science to persuasion.

I’m Brian James, an online marketer, designer, and direct-response copywriter with 15+ years experience helping businesses (from mom and pops to Fortunate 500 companies) communicate more effectively, and more profitably, with their target markets.

Listen, it’s 2024. You don’t get extra points just for being online!

And you don’t win the hearts and minds of your clients by putting up higher-tech videos or glossier product pictures than the next guy.

With over 25 million web developers across the planet, very few are sales-minded professionals who know how to blend simple aesthetic design with clear, results-oriented language to speak to your audience in a language they respect and understand.

My goal is to build you a powerful communication tool, a valuable online asset, and an effective sales mechanism for moving your potential customers to action (even while you sleep).



Discover The Recipe For Sales-Focused Websites

Too many companies waste time and budget putting up bland mission statements and bio pages nobody ever reads. And nobody cares what sports your CEO played in college…

“Attention Triggers” are far more than mere website properties. These are online sales assets blending human-centric, functional design with timeless persuasive writing tactics (rooted in proven human psychology). To harvest attention, build desire, and illicit action so can you increase your revenues now.

Bloated, magazine-style, ego-driven designs do not move the revenue needle. But these three simple ingredients will help you harvest attention in your market the right way…

Sleek “No Bloat” Designs

An artsy website with all the bells and whistles is useless if you ignore how humans consume info on the internet.

Attention Triggers are simple but professional, minimalist but effective… focused less on the “wow factor” and more on getting you financial results.

On-Brand Sales Writing

No “filler content” or bland corporate-speak here. The most successful online assets draw on persuasion psychology to begin the conversation for you.

Personality-driven, believable, compelling content and copy… this is how to talk to your perfect prospects.

Intentional Client Journeys

Never leave visitors unsure where to go next. Let’s identify core audiences and design deliberate “engagement pathways” towards more likely, more profitable outcomes.

Guiding the buyer’s journey is key to accomplishing top business objectives.

With A Step-By-Step Process For Increasing Leads And Sales

How do you do it? Well, just to start…


Grab Eyeballs And Capitalize On Attention From The Very First Glance!

Marketers refer to this area in the screenshot as “above the fold.” When someone visits your website, you have 3 short seconds to grab attention and convince them not to click away. This is the 80/20 of any company website.

Is it immediately clear what problems you solve? Do you present a clear promise of the change you deliver? Is it unique and compelling enough to get them reading on?


Dig Into The Core Pain-Points To Resonate With Your Target Market!

What problem is your target prospect up against? Say it out-loud to show you understand them while connecting deeper and aggravating their unresolved need.

No one wants to be sold to but who wouldn’t want to find a resource for solving their big problem with a single phone call or click of the mouse? Nail this and they’ll be itching to hear how you can change their life or business for the better.


Then Paint A Picture Of Their Perfect Paradise!

This is the “hell to heaven” sequence. After digging into their pain (maybe even describing how bad it could potentially get), describe the complete turnaround. Buying is an emotional process, even in B2B. It’s just how humans make decisions.

Yes, outline features, specs, and rational arguments as well… but first help them visualize the successful outcome to prime their emotions for immediate action.


Clearly Define What Makes You Different!

Selling isn’t just about putting a cookie-cutter solution on the table and hoping the time is right. In a hyper-competitive world, they need a unique reason to buy from YOU specifically.

Why your firm versus every other option in the marketplace (including doing it themselves or not doing anything at all)? The answer to this question is your stand-out in the market. They’ll remember you later even if they don’t need you now.


Now Deliberately Drive Them To Action!

Never leave readers at the bottom of the page, wondering what to do next. Dead-end pages equal lost revenues. Always guide the experience.

If you have multiple audiences (prospects, returning clients, investors, varying niches, different needs), include several options every step of the way. Each page on your site is a mini sales piece channeling the right buying behavior.


Steve Schwartz

LSAT Unplugged

Go for it

“He really took the time to understand my offer and help me communicate it clearly and effectively to my audience. If you are considering working with him, GO FOR IT. I give him my highest possible recommendation.”

Mike Shreeve

The No Pants Project

This guy knows his stuff

“One of the best sales writers I’ve ever worked with. This guy knows his stuff and every penny I spent in hiring him gave me a minimum of a 300% ROI.”

Blaise Perrone

Castor Abbott Financial Marketing

This is brilliant

“I looked over this with Mark. He said, ‘Who is this guy? This is brilliant.’ He’s never called me brilliant, so that’s a great start! Seriously, it’s really well done.”

Rodney Powell

POWELL Property Tax

Brian James is a craftsman

“Without question, Brian James is a craftsman with words! I feel true admiration for someone who demonstrates excellence in his or her work. Brian is that type of true professional.”

Jimmy Crangle

Booster365 Marketing

$80,000 in revenue

“We got… 96 applications, 20 telephone consultations, 5 new customers, $80,000 in revenue. All from just one email to our client’s list.”

Allen Wu

Fidelity, Efinancial

Amazing results-driven service

“I would recommend him a thousand times if I could. He values his clients and provides an amazing result-driven service.”

Mike Tingey

Fluid App

You’re really good at this

“Holy ****. You’re really good at this. Can’t wait to chat tomorrow. Thank you!”

Cynthia Corsetti

Cynthia Corsetti Executive Consulting

You hit the nail on the head

“I have a love/hate relationship with you right now. 🙂 You hit the nail on the head of everything I’ve been struggling with for years in this business. I have so far in 2018/2019 invested 7k in copywriting for the website. No one has figured it out like you.”

Jon Rumens


You did not hold back!

“Hey man! Finally reviewing the copy! You did not hold back! Freakin’ nailed it!”

Ready for a comprehensive all-in-one website solution?

If you’ve ever worked with designers who don’t understand selling and who farm out the content work to fluff writers who couldn’t persuade a hungry puppy, maybe it’s time for a change.

Stop treating your website like a “nice-to-have” and start treating it like a tool for showcasing your team, your products, and your services in a way that serves the bottom line more than the ego.

Read to close more deals?

Do you use artificial intelligence?

Absolutely not. While I believe someday AI may be a useful tool, I don’t quite trust it yet. And when it comes to the most important brand asset your customers will interact with online (maybe even anywhere), you shouldn’t either.

I consider myself a craftsman designing “Attention Triggers,” sales-focused websites for humans, by humans (i.e. me). Period.

Why do you call it the “psychology of persuasion?”

Many business owners assume they’ll generate more business online if they simply throw up a fancy online brochure and let their market know they exist. Maybe run some ads and send some traffic.

Sadly, it takes a lot more than that to generate buzz and convince people you’re not only trustworthy but the most worthy option on the market.

However, the human brain operates in a predictable fashion. And scientists have been poking at it for centuries, studying what stimuli best trigger trust, desire, excitement, reciprocity, and other impulses adding up to action.

This is the psychology of persuasion.

For a primer on this school of thought, start with “Influence” by Robert Cialdini and “Ca$hvertising” by Drew Eric Whitman.

What Is your design and copywriting process?

My aim is not to create another generic website in your industry but to develop your unique online voice and express what sets you apart from the competition. For this reason, every project begins by wrapping my mind around your company and your products and services.

  1. Work starts with an initial interview of you (or someone else highly-knowledgeable about your company), in which I dig into the psychology of your market and what makes your offer unique. I record this call and consolidate it into my own notes, then come back to you if I have any gaps to fill.
  2. From there, I begin my own research process, digging into your industry and your competition to get a better understanding of your target market and what we need to do to stand out.
  3. During this time, I begin developing copywriting and branding hooks positioned for maximum impact in your market. Beware designers who build something pretty and ask a writer to cram the copy into a template (lorem ipsum, anyone?). Messaging, on-site goals, and brand interests should always lead design decisions.
  4. The above is why I design and write at the same time, fleshing out the copywriting hooks in a back and forth process, which allows me to tweak and blend them together seamlessly. No fitting square pegs into round holes.
  5. Once I have your front page (or home page) ironed out, I get your initial feedback. If all looks good, I start working on the rest of the site. When it’s finished, you make your final review and I implement changes as needed. As you may have noticed, we do not plan out the entire site in advance. This is an organic process, leaving room for the vision to evolve as our idea becomes reality.

Do we have the ability to edit the website in the future?

Yes. I build (almost all) my websites with Wordpress, using Beaver Builder. This provides you with a user-friendly back-end your team can use to make small edits and changes to the site as needed.

When your site is finished, you’ll receive a few short videos walking you through exactly how to change basic images and content on the site as needed.

If bigger design-heavy changes are needed at some point, you can either hire me for more in-depth alterations or speak with the multitude of designers out there who already use and understand this software.

What if I want html instead?

No problem at all. Just let me know.

Who will manage my online property for me?

This is up to you. You can take over site management yourself, doing backups, security checks, fixes, and hosting as needed. Or you can get me to manage the website for you at a small monthly rate (based on the complexity of your ongoing needs).

What if we need advanced designs with dynamic features?

It depends.

I’m a big believer in function over form. My goal isn’t to create some big flashy site that loads too slowly and doesn’t actually bring in sales results. The goal here is increased engagement, booked interviews, and sales (whatever your desired response).

We can implement dynamic features to inject that “wow factor” if you want, but be careful about choosing overly-ambitious aesthetics over the the real goal here, harvesting attention and forging business relationships with people who visit your site.

Let’s talk about your vision first, though. Achieving your goal may not be as complicated as you assume.

What are your rates and payment terms?

Website projects vary a great deal in scope and needed technical skill, so prices will vary as well.

If you want to make sure I’m in your budget before reaching out, a full build with all content and copy written for the website will range between $4000 to $12,000, depending on the complexity of your niche and desired features.

Some clients may be eligible for a 24-month payment plan to avoid a lump sump expenditure. Get in touch for details.

Do you offer other online marketing services?

Yes, I also offer cold outreach, presentation writing & design, email copy, blog builds, and various other copywriting services (for copy specifically, visit my other site here.

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